Law Office of Stacey Joroff, LLLC


As a neutral, third party I will analyze your legal issues (divorce, custody, landlord / tenant, etc.) and complete all of the necessary documentation needed to help you and the opposing party reach a settlement agreement. 



I will provide advice and representation to finalize your divorce, by addressing all issues, including custody, child support, spousal support and division of assets and debts.  I will also represent clients in post-divorce enforcement and custodial / visitation / child support modifications.



I will advise and represent individuals by addressing all custody issues, including visitation, relocation, child support and other child related financial issues.


Child Support

I will provide representation in the establishment or modification of requests for child support through the Family Court.  I can also work administratively with the Child Support Enforcement Agency.



I will provide representation for individuals who are ready to legally finalize the adoption of a child.



I will provide representation for individuals who want to petition the court for guardianship over a minor or incapacitated adult.  I will also represent individuals who contest such appointment.